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This section is introducing new products and capabilities from the many Legend Electrical Sales Manufactures.  Some of these announcements have complete information while others will have an introduction and a link to the Manufacture's web page which introduces & features their latest news and products. 
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TOSIBOX® delivers fast and easy remote access to your machines and devices via a new standard in VPN technology. No IT specialists are required. No Monthly fees. TOSIBOX® is approved by our US Homeland Security. It takes less than 5 minutes to deploy and TOSIBOX® connects almost anything to any network without a need to open any firewall access. It’s fast, cost-effective and easily scaled. Your network will always be in sync with the growth of your business. Think about on site vs. remote access cost and customer satisfaction

  • The world’s only plug-and-go technology
  • Superior security
  • Audited security & world wide patent coverage
  • Quick, easy & intelligent
  • Remote access on the go

See how it works on YouTube

The Accuenergy AcuDC 240 series of DC power meters can be used for monitoring and controlling in DC systems. These meters can measure a wide range of parameters such as voltage, current, power and energy. Parameters are shown on the brilliant 3 line black backlight LCD display or via the RS485 serial communication port utilizing MODBUS RTU protocol. Optional digital inputs for switch monitoring Analog outputs for signal conversion and relay outputs for remote controlling provide unparalleled functionality. The over-range alarming feature for voltage and current provides an additional level of protection for the DC system. All of these features combine to make the AcuDC 240 series a unique and powerful solution for monitoring DC power systems.


  • DC power system metering
  • Monitor and control power switches
  • Alarming and analog output
  • Standard DIN sizing (96×48mm) allows for easy panel installation
  • Simple serial communication for integration in SCADA, PLC systems
  • Large character LCD display with vivid blue backlight
  • Wide operation temperature range


  • Solar and wind energy systems
  • Industrial DC control systems
  • DC energy management systems
  • Large UPS systems
  • Light Rail and subway systems
  • Metallurgy and electroplating industries
  • Telecommunications power distribution

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The F200 Ground Fault Equipment Protector is the ideal solution to providing protection of equipment against damaging line-to-ground currents by disconnecting all ungrounded conductors of the faulted circuit.  Ground faults can cause serious problems to electrical systems and equipment, since most short circuits initially manifest as undetected ground faults.  By adding a ground fault equipment protector (GFEP) to the system, ground faults are detected immediately, preventing serious damage.  Information to your applicability is now available for this innovative solution, request yours here today!

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The OVR DIN rail surge protector line is the ideal solution to protecting valuable equipment and keeping an operation up and running.  Reduce downtime related to maintenance and troubleshooting with pluggable cartridges, visual life indicators, and integrated auxiliary contacts for remote monitoring.  When a cartridge has reached the end of its life it will alert you with a visual indicator both on the cartridge itself and remotely.  Then simply replace the cartridge, no rewiring is necessary.  Sample boxes are now available for this innovative solution, request yours here today!

Find out how one customer saved over $100,000

Watch Video: "Benefits of Surge Protection"

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A complete range of molded case circuit breakers and molded case switches in compliance with North American standards, intended for use with photovoltaic systems, are now available from ABB.  The new SACE Tmax PV line from ABB was designed in accordance to UL 489B, a new standard, whose requirements cover MCCB and MCS rated up to 1000V DC for photovoltaic applications.  This complete range of MCCB and MCS is now available up to 1000A for use at 1000V DC, complete with jumpers for a safe, easy and accurate connection of poles in series.

Please contact us to obtain functional and delivery by clicking the web site below!!

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Control panels of modern machines and plants must be able to convey increasingly complex information, even though the available space is limited. The RMQ-16 range of compact control circuit devices does just that.

The various front elements can be mounted flush on all four sides providing a smooth finish with no gaps. Compared with conventional 22mm ranges, the RMQ-16 devices allow more than three times the information density with their 18x18mm or 25x25mm front dimensions. The RMQ-16 is also the most customizable pushbutton of its class, with laser etched lenses and nameplates delivering clear, custom, and permanent information. Most operators have an environmental protection rating of IP65/NEMA13, which ensures safe operation even in harsh environments, making the RMQ-16 suitable for industrial applications.  The RMQ-16 has impressive selections, features, customization capabilities, and ratings to fill needs.

Attached you will find the RMQ-16 catalog pages, for additional information please contact Legend Electrical Sales for assistance.

This article is from Rich Harwell ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) who is an advanced solutions manager at Eaton. He has more than 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, with expertise in a broad range of control and automation solutions.  We thank him for this informative information.

The integration of a human machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) provides a lean automation solution. Lean manufacturing is a proven, powerful method to boost efficiencies in production processes. Similar concepts and practices that eliminate “waste”—unnecessary equipment and process steps—can be applied to the design, construction, and support of automation systems to enable increased productivity and reliability, yielding increased efficiency. Combining visualization and control means:

  • Faster machine design by providing an integrated development environment
  • Reduced machine construction costs by eliminating components and wiring
  • Reduced machine support cost and improved operation by centralizing remote access and administration

More than any other time, there are a range of trends in both control system architecture and manufacturing that are coming together to support an integrated HMI-PLC. For OEMs and control engineers alike, this means it is easier to build smaller, smarter machines faster—freeing both OEMs and engineers from having to use controllers and equipment simply because of a familiarity and a prohibitive cost to change.

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Mencom produces over 2,500 variations of its Panel Interface Connectors (PICs.)  PICs mount to the outside of the control panel and house various connectors enabling users to gain access to a PLC, PAC or computer without opening the control cabinet.

In accordance with NFPA 70E standards, opening control cabinets requires training and protective gear to prevent safety hazards such as arc flash.  With a panel interface connector, the equipment can be reached for maintenance and testing without these extra precautions.

A typical PIC will contain a power supply (single, duplex, GFCI) and one or more connectors commonly used for programmable devices.  These connectors include D-Sub, RJ45, USB, Ethernet and DeviceNet and others.  Whatever your project, Mencom has or can create the Interface to meet the needs of your application.

Click here for More PIC Information from Mencom
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Mencom is proud to be one of the last remaining producers of cables in the USA.
Our comprehensive line of signal and power transmission cables and cordsets are quality built to meet your needs. Mencom carries a large inventory for applications including automation control, material handling and packaging. You'll find tested and proven products in Mini, Micro AC and DC as well as Nan, Ethernet, Device Net and Fieldbus, all from Legend Electrical Sales.

Mencom is big enough to have it in stock to provide priority delivery to Legend Electrical Sales yet flexible enough to working with all to make adaptations just for your special project needs and delivery. Built right, built right now.

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ILME has developed two new modular inserts ideal for higher current applications where finger safe contact pins are required.  Designed to work with the MIXO series frames and other contact modules, the flexibility of these connectors provides solutions for an almost limitless number of applicationsThe contact pins in both the male and the female inserts are shrouded to protect against accidental contact.

The small picture at right shows both inserts mounted into the CX-02 frames and the T-Type thermoplastic housings. The CX-3/4- XDF(M) use the CXF(M)A contact pins to provide (3) 40amp connection points, while also offering (4) 10amp contact points for signal using the CCF(M)A contact pins.
The CX-04-XF(M) provides (4) 40amp connection points using the CXF(M)A contact pins.
The high quality machined contact pins provide highly reliable and vibration-safe connections.

Each frame can house different types of modular inserts for power, signals, controls, and pneumatic contacts compressed air.  Frames can be assembled using as few as one insert module or with as many as six modules.

The inserts are arranged side-by-side to form a single compact block which is inserted into the ILME metallic frame. Once the modules have been inserted and locked with the special tabs, the connector can then be inserted into the enclosure.

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IDEC compact general purpose relays available in new bifurcated contact models are great as input devices for a variety of controllers including PLCs and Smart Relays used in the micro processing industry.

RJ22 relays are available with low signal switching bifurcated contacts for increased contact reliability, reduced contact bounce and switching low currents and voltages (dry circuits).

These models have a maximum contact rating of 1amp at 250V AC, while maintaining a minimum switching load of 100uA 1V DC, allowing you to use this relay for dry circuit switching needs.

Read More from IDEC on the New RJ22


RJ22 Series Brochure (PDF) 1.7MB

ABB's new line of OT and OS disconnect switches save space on control panels and reduce inventory costs. The new line of disconnect switches are up to 30% smaller than the original design. Shared components across the entire line allows you to stock fewer components, and the ability to add the 4th pole onsite allows you to only stock 3-pole switches. Customer transition for the OETL 600-1200 and the OES 600-800 should be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2012. There is no need to wait to start cutting your panel costs though, ABB's smaller, more flexible line of disconnect switches is available today. More Information

More Information from ABB on this Product and other Low Voltage Switches.

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ABB's Interfast PLC pre-wiring system is fast, flexible and reliable, making it the most lean PLC wiring solution on the market today. Reduce wiring time up to 98% by eliminating the need to wire each point from the input of your PLC to your field wires individually. The Interfast plug-and-play system makes maintaining and replacing your installation easy, and cable strands can be readily identified inside your control cabinet. Wiring errors are eliminated with this fast and reliable system. In addition to these installation and maintenance time saving features, now you can use the ABB Interfast configurator right from your desktop. No internet connection is required to determine the connection configuration needed for your PLC and application.

To learn more about using the ABB Interfast Configurator

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The ABB current limiting Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are resettable protective devices designed to isolate a circuit during an overload or over-current condition without the use of a fusible element. Utilizing this advanced current limiting technology and dual protection, circuit protection is increased by significantly reducing the let through energy and faster trip times. Faults are extinguished up to three times faster than most MCBs on the market today. Other MCB manufacturers still utilize zero crossing technology – which may result in damage to cables and components. Not only does the dual trip protection for both overload and short circuit extend the service life of your cables and components, but it also greatly reduces the risk of fire, damaged cables, damaged parts, and insurance claims. Add additional security to your investments with ABB MCBs today!

To learn more about using the ABB current limiting Miniature Circuit Breakers

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Zone selectivity reduces trip times and increases safety levels of an electrical installations. It achieves this by reducing the potential for damage caused by the fault and the disturbance to the power supply network and reducing the thermal and dynamic stresses on the circuit-breakers. This makes zone selectivity the perfect solution for systems with high rated current and short circuit values that require optimum safety and service continuity. ABB Emax power circuit breakers and Tmax T7 and T8 molded case circuit breakers come equip with zone selectivity features. All connections are made directly on the terminal box of these breakers, with no additional module needed.

To learn more about  using ABB circuit breakers

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Quick-Guard safety fencing from ABB Jokab makes assembly, modification, and ordering quick and easy. With this flexible system, there are almost no limitations to what can be built utilizing only a small amount of components. All brackets are supplied pre-mounted thanks to our patented screw-lock system, making assembly and modification very easy. Ordering is fast and simple due to our SafeCAD program used for designing fencing systems and automatically generating everything you need from drawings to cutting lists. Quick-Guard is designed to meet safety standards for machine guarding applications. For these reasons, this system is the perfect low cost, fast and flexible and safe solution to your machine guarding applications.

More Information from ABB on this flexable fencing system.

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Did you know Adalet stainless steel enclosures carry IP ratings for ingress protection?  In addition to the standard Type 4X ratings, the TSC4X, TN4X, & VC4X / VH4X series of stainless steel enclosures are rated IP66 to protect against the ingress of solid foreign objects and liquids.  The first digit, '6', denotes solid particle protection level of dust tight.  This means our stainless steel enclosures provide complete protection against the ingress of dust.  The second digit, '6', denotes liquid ingress protection to powerful water jets.  This protection rating states that our stainless steel enclosures protect against the ingress of liquid when projected from water jets against the enclosure from any direction.  IP ratings are defined by the international standard IEC 60529 and are specified and used throughout the world.  

Learn More from Adalet and their Enclosures

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The Acuvim-L series may be used as a data gathering device for an intelligent Power Distribution System or a Plant Automation System. All monitoring data is available via digital RS485 communication port running Modbus® Protocol. It is the ideal choice for monitoring and controlling of power distribution system. Some of the features and electric power parameters available on the Acuvim-L are:

  • ALL Acuvim meters come with FREE Acuview Data Logging Software True-RMS Measuring Parameter * 4-Quadrant Energy
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Over / Under Limit Alarm
  • Energy pulse output * Frequency
  • Real Time Metering
  • Energy Demand
  • Statistics
  • Voltage & Current Harmonics * RS-485 Communication
  • Power Factor

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Accuenergy Wireless Internet Power Measurement Meters:

Acuvim II can be used to replace all traditional electric meters. It also can be used as Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for monitoring and controlling in a SCADA system. All the measured data is available via digital RS485 communication ports running the Modbus protocol.

ALL Acuvim meters come with FREE Acuview Data Logging Software

  • True-RMS measuring parameter * 4-quadrant Energy
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Over / Under limit alarm
  • Multi Communication Ports (Eg: Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus)
  • Web Server and Email Sending
  • Switch Status Monitoring
  • Remote Switch Controlling
  • Module Design (E-Module® Technique)

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Adalet announces a re-design to their factory sealed panelboards which provides real costs savings for Class I, Division 2 hazardous location applications.  Modifications to the poured seal separating the cast aluminum explosionproof enclosure and the stainless steel terminal enclosure has greatly reduced the cost of the assembly providing much lower prices on the product offering. Designed for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups BCD and US Zone 2 areas such as refineries and petrochemical installations, the factory sealed panelboards are used to control lighting and appliance, power circuits, and power distribution in applications requiring branch power distribution, over current, and short circuit protection.   

Utilizing electrical components from Cutler Hammer, the Adalet factory sealed panelboards are pre-wired and factory sealed from the circuit breakers inside a rugged, cast aluminum explosionproof enclosure to the main distribution block and branch terminals housed in an IP66 rated, NEMA 4X stainless steel terminal enclosure.  The factory seal between the breaker enclosure and terminal enclosure eliminates the need for external poured seals.  All Adalet factory sealed panelboards are equipped with padlockable external operating handles, copper bus, isolated neutral and ground bar, and GFI or EPF breakers, and terminal blocks.  Gasketed covers provide NEMA 4 / 4X rated protection for a water tight seal, and stainless steel cover bolts, removable hinges, and breather / drain are included as standard features.  Stainless steel panelboards are also available and are designed for use in applications where harsh chemicals or hose down conditions exist, the Adalet N4XPBH series stainless steel panelboards provide a watertight, non-corrosive solution.

Click here for more information about the Adalet Product.

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Need more space for your wiring? Looking for a versatile enclosure for power or signal, pneumatic or Ethernet? The answer is BIG. BIG Enclosures offered by Mencom.

What previously required two connectors, can now be handled with one, as long as it's BIG. The box is bigger and the openings are bigger; a "44.27" can handle an M40 or M50 opening. The BIG series is easy to use. By splitting the enclosure in two halves you'll have easy access to the insert and cable compartment. Large horizontal and vertical openings, thick walls to accommodate signaling lamps or buttons, there are too many features to list (Get all the details - BIG Catalog.) If you're looking for space, it's here, BIG Enclosures offered by Mencom.

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Reliable. Bright. Cost-effective.

30 years in the pursuit of LED excellence by IDEC!

NEW LF1B-N slim LED light strips are the smartest choice to get customers to make the switch away from traditional lighting sources. With high reliability and more options than ever before, it’s time to say goodbye to fluorescent lights and hello to long-lasting LEDs!

Super-bright and energy efficient, LF1B-N lights are available in six different lengths with a choice of transparent or white covers and six colors (cool white, warm white, yellow, red, blue and green). Four mounting holes provide flexibility to locate these lights where needed and with a long lifespan, LF1B-N light strips are a bright choice now and in the future.


  • Compact design (27.5mm wide x 16mm high) with six lengths (134 to 1,080mm)
  • Six colors: Cool white, warm white, yellow, red, blue and green
  • Cover in clear or white
  • Energy saving: One-third that of a fluorescent lamp
  • Long life: Five times longer than fluorescent lamps
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • IP65 degree of protection(wet location rated)
  • RoHS compliant, mercury free

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Pepperl+Fuchs Inc. - X-Series Pile Driver™ extended range inductive sensors are now available in 8 mm diameter models. With barrel lengths as short as 35 mm, these miniature sensors deliver a 3 mm sensing range - 50 percent more range than is available from larger competitive 12 mm diameter models. As a result, 8 mm diameter extended range Pile Driver sensors eliminate the need to sacrifice sensing range or durability. Like all Pile Driver sensors, its robust, single-piece machined barrel is fully embeddable in steel, making it an ideal sensing solution for the toughest metal-forming and welding applications.

The 100% stainless steel housings deliver durability more than 20 times that of the competition's brass and plastic housings, and Black Armor™ coated weld-immune models are available to repel even the hottest slag particles. Pigtail-connect versions feature integral high-visibility power supply and target presence LEDs. X-Series Pile Driver extended range inductive sensors are also available in 12 mm, 18 mm, and 30 mm diameters to deliver sensing ranges of 5 mm, 10 mm, or 15 mm - up to 2.5 times longer range than traditional inductive sensors.

"An inductive proximity sensor's detection range is a function of its size. Larger styles inherently offer longer sensing ranges than smaller, less powerful models. When selecting a proximity sensor , smaller versions aren't typically chosen due to their limited sensing range," says Marcel Ulrich, Product Manager, Pepperl+Fuchs. "Instead, restricted mounting space often forces machine designers to reluctantly accommodate the limited distance. The drawback to short sensing distances is clear; a closely mounted, loose-tolerance target is more likely to impact and damage the sensor, causing downtime. Additionally, loose or irregularly-shaped targets can also generate erroneous part counts as they enter and exit the sensing field."

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ABB Webinars: Arc Flash and other hazards in the data center.

Increasing power densities and higher voltages in data centers have made mission critical facilities more reliable and energy efficient than ever before. However, with more power coursing through these facilities, human error can have catastrophic consequences for equipment and cause injuries and fatalities to workers.

Learn about these hazards from industry experts Doug Sandberg and Dave Sjogren in this 60-minute webinar brought to you by Mission Critical magazine.

More important, you will learn how to prevent arc flash and avoid other dangerous situations in the data center and what steps to take to protect your workers and your equipment.

Download Webinar

P&F has the best background suppression sensing on the market. The ML4.2 and ML6 series now include new models to complement these sensors with even sharper detection, zero deadband sensing, and other powerful benefits.

Read More Below for a glance at the newest sensors in the ML4.2 and ML6 photoelectric sensor families.

Sharpest, Most Precise Sensing

What: ML4.2-8-H-21-22-IR/40b/95/110

Why: These models offer the sharpest sensing distance cut-off and smallest switching hysteresis on the market for background suppression sensors. The first model, also available with a visible red emitter, senses black and white color extremes within an extremely tight sensing window. A black test object is sensed up to 20 mm from the sensor, a white test object is sensed up to 21 mm, and no targets are detected at or beyond 22 mm. This compares to the standard version ML4.2-8-H-20 which enables background suppression at 25 mm from the sensor.

Where: They should be considered when the object to be detected is just 1-3 mm in front of the background, such as detecting a piece of cardstock on a belt or if paper is angled or straight in a feeder.

ABB's new primary switch mode Power Supply CP-E 12/10.0 offers two voltage input ranges, which enables the supply with either AC or DC. It comes equipped with two large capacitors to ensure line buffering of at least 30ms (at 230 V AC). A great solution for providing DC power to string monitoring radios and remote switching devices as well as highly fluctuating networks and battery powered plants worldwide.

Download Product Brochure (PDF)

Watch Video

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The Pepperel + Fuchs PMI360DV angular measurement sensors enable users to set the measurement range and rotation direction, PNP output signal width, and zero position with dedicated buttons for each configurable function to simplify setup. Users will benefit from voltage or current output with repeatable accuracy to 0.5 degrees and resolution to 0.2 degrees. LED indicators provide visual status for power, lost target and configuration lock variables. Models with up to three independent PNP outputs are available, enabling a single sensor to replace non-configurable multiple-sensor mounting arrangements.

Contact Legend for more about the PMI360DV angular measurement sensors.

ABB's line of Tmax Molded Case Circuit Breakers are up to 30% smaller and offer the best performance to size ratio on the market. Installable accessories that are shared across multiple products reduce inventory carrying costs and increase end-user flexibility. All Tmax circuit breakers are individually tested at the factory, ensuring you don't have to rebuild your panels due to a quality issue. The Tmax line can be supported in over 100 countries worldwide, and come with the required worldwide certifications that allow you to standardize on one design to serve all markets. Reduction of panel size, lower inventory costs, avoided downtime, and global standardization make Tmax Molded Case Circuit Breakers a lean solution for your panel designs.

Download Product Brochure (PDF)

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ABB Eden Safety Sensors are designed to eliminate the costly and potentially dangerous problems associated with using mechanical keyed switches and non-contact magnetic switches.  Eden provides a solution that increases machine reliability while improving machine safety and eliminates equipment downtime due to alignment issues and false trips that are common with mechanical and magnetic switches.  Eden features plug-and-play technology that can reduce installation costs by 60% compared to conventional machine wiring methods.

ABB's range of Quick-connect terminal blocks makes terminating wires in tight spaces easy and fast.  When wire duct is mounted close to the terminal blocks, or where turning a screw driver in a tight space isn't possible, Quick-connect terminals are the answer.

Testing a circuit is quickly and easily done by simply inserting the test connector lead into the quick-connect tab of the terminal block.  No need to disturb the existing wiring.  Don't waste valuable time wiring or testing when difficult wiring configurations arise.  ABB's Quick-connect terminal blocks are the lean solution for tricky wiring.


  1. Pepperl+Fuchs HMI's are Div 2 certified. And yes, they are available as general purpose products but their strength is hazardous locations.The Pepperl+Fuchs HMI product line has several differentiators that offer true value.
  2. Their HMI units can be upgraded to Div 1 certified, from components to complete HMI solutions. They get many customer requests for Div 1 applications, so they know those projects are out there.
  3. Their Hazardous area HMIs are very price competitive and work reliably in the harshest environments.
  4. Pepperl+Fuchs HMI units are manufactured in the USA right here at our facility in Twinsburg, Ohio.
  5. Their HMI delivery is immediate on some models and up to 2 weeks on others.

The OVR DIN rail surge protector line is the ideal solution for protecting valuable equipment and keeping an operation up and running.  In an effort to continuously improve the safety of these types of products, UL has issued the 3rd Edition of UL 1449, requiring more stringent testing and modification of the measured voltage protection level.  ABB's OVR is approved to UL 1449 3rd Edition, making it one of the most effective products of its kind on the market today.

In addition to equipment protection, the OVR DIN rail SPDs also reduce downtime related to maintenance and troubleshooting with pluggable cartridges, visual life indicators, and optional integrated auxiliary contacts for remote monitoring.  When a cartridge has reached the end of its life the visual indicator and device wired to the auxiliary contact will alert you to the SPD status. Then simply replace the cartridge, no rewiring is necessary.

ABB's line of SNK Series Terminal Blocks are easy to install due to their ergonomic design. Features such as a dual jumping channel, advanced marking solutions, and asymmetrical shape have been incorporated into this new design. Use of our screwless jumpers will facilitate jumpering your terminal blocks while reducing the number of items to stock. The asymmetrical design error proofs the installation process, eliminating the risk of short circuit. The locking pin feature allows the mounting of up to 10 blocks at a time by holding them together in an easy to handle section. SNK terminal blocks accept a variety of marking options from hand writing to self-adhesive paper strips which can be printed from a standard desk top printer. Improve connection and rail assembly process while reducing the amount of part numbers to manage with this patented solution from ABB.

Download Product Brochure (PDF)

Contact Legend Electrical Sales for more Information

Projecting only 2.5mm when mounted on a panel, these switches provide a sleek, updated look. In fact, the 3-across contact block design only protrudes 39.9mm behind the panel, the shortest depth behind the panel in their class. Perfect for any application requiring a hygienic surface, the smooth design cuts down on surface area, preventing dust and other particles from accumulating and making regular cleaning and maintenance easier. CW switches are ideal for instrumentation, medical equipment, food and beverage pro­cessing equipment, semi-conductor equipment, non-industrial applications (train cab, parking machines, audio/visual equipment), machine tools, panels and more!

CW switches are also designed to perform in outdoor applications. Operators are made of a durable, industrial-grade resin that provides superior resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Available with black or metallic bezels, choose from illuminated pushbuttons, pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and key selector switches in six colors (amber, green, white, red, blue and yellow). Plus, new LED/lens technology, means CW pilot lights and illumi­nated pushbuttons are brighter than ever, providing superior visibility whatever the application.

The four-head industrial RFID Ethernet controller IC-KP-B17-AIDA1 is a new, more powerful version. For customers using the popular Ethernet controller IC-KP-B12-V45, it is replaced by the IC-KP-B17-AIDA1. The new RFID Ethernet controller has the same excellent software and programming as previous models, coupled with enhanced features and a faster processor.

The connectors have been updated to a modern RJ45 push/pull style for fast connection and removal. The extremely popular display and keypad are the same as previous models, but new web features allow online diagnostics for easier setup and troubleshooting. Two RJ45 connectors are now included with a built-in Ethernet switch. This allows for linear topologies without the purchase of additional expensive components.

Four-head RFID controller features:

  • Push/pull style AIDA Ethernet and power connectors
  • Two Ethernet ports eliminate need for additional network switches
  • Ethernet data logging for better diagnostics
  • All protocol support; Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP

Learn more about the Four-head Industrial RFID Controller.

The newest additions to the powerful ML100 Series miniature rectangular photoelectric sensors include divergent beam, or wide beam, models. Divergent beam is a type of diffuse mode which has a large beam pattern or light spot. The divergent beam's light spot is over six times as large as that of the standard diffuse mode. The diameter of the light spot for these photoelectric sensors, which are denoted by ML100-8-W..., is 170 mm at a distance of just 200 mm. This compares to a standard diffuse mode version ML100, which has a light spot diameter of about 25 mm at the same distance.

Divergent beam sensing is an ideal way to detect transparent (clear) objects, such as a moving web of shrink wrap or PET bottles, without using a reflector. This is because some portion of the clear object is always perpendicular to the wide beam angles of the emitter and receiver. When detecting clear objects, the sensing range is usually within 50% of the rated maximum sensing distance. Divergent beam photoelectric sensors are also suited to detect small or glossy objects, from wires and yarns to shiny foil pouches.

The ML100 divergent beam photoelectric sensors should be used in lieu of the older ML20 divergent models, both of which have the same mounting pattern.

Learn more about the New ML100 Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Models.

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces a new member to the HH20 RFID handheld family, IC-HH20-V1. This RFID handheld doesn't actually have an RFID read head in it. It's designed with a standard M12 connector on the front to connect to any of our wide range of IDENT Control ISH-..., IQH-..., IQH1-..., IQH2-..., and IPH-... read heads. These read heads seamlessly switch between the RFID handheld programmer and one of our industrial bus controllers.

IDENT Control RFID read heads make this handheld extremely flexible. The display can be kept in any orientation for easy programmability, and the remote read head can be positioned for maximum tag readability. Some tags are embedded so far into tooling that a standard RFID handheld would have no chance of reading them. A typical application would require a handheld, battery, charger, read head cable, and read head.

Learn more about the RFID Handheld Programmer with Standard M12 Connector.

The next generation of PMI inductive position-measurement sensors is now available with NPN outputs to signal rotational angular position. The PMI360DV series , an inductive-based rotational and angular measurement sensor, offers flexible analog- output angular-position detection. The PMI360DV-F130-IU2E0-V15 has two independent NPN outputs, voltage or current signal output, and can be configured from 0 degrees to 90 degrees through 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

  • 3 Point Latching System
  • Single or Double Doors
  • Quick and Easy Access

Adalet offers a line of stainless steel NEMA Type 4X large single and double door enclosures for use in industrial applications.  The enclosures are equipped with standard 3 point latching and are used indoors and outdoors to house items such as electronic / electrical controls, instrumentation, and pneumatic, hydraulic, and machine tool controls and are designed to provide protection against dust, dirt, oil, and water.

Designed as wall mount, floor mount, and free standing single and double door enclosures, they are suitable for use in petrochemical plants, dairies, breweries, food processing areas, and similar environments where they are subject to frequent high pressure hosing and generally wet conditions.  The type 4X rating and stainless steel construction also allows for installation in areas where severe corrosion problems may exist.

Enclosures are constructed from 12 gauge Type 304 & 316 stainless steel and include a heavy duty, padlockable 3 point latch and handle.  Mounting panel channels are welded horizontally to the inside walls for locating a panel along the enclosure depth.  Print pockets, grounding provisions, and lifting bolts are included as standard features.

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