• 3 Point Latching System
  • Single or Double Doors
  • Quick and Easy Access

Adalet offers a line of stainless steel NEMA Type 4X large single and double door enclosures for use in industrial applications.  The enclosures are equipped with standard 3 point latching and are used indoors and outdoors to house items such as electronic / electrical controls, instrumentation, and pneumatic, hydraulic, and machine tool controls and are designed to provide protection against dust, dirt, oil, and water.

Designed as wall mount, floor mount, and free standing single and double door enclosures, they are suitable for use in petrochemical plants, dairies, breweries, food processing areas, and similar environments where they are subject to frequent high pressure hosing and generally wet conditions.  The type 4X rating and stainless steel construction also allows for installation in areas where severe corrosion problems may exist.

Enclosures are constructed from 12 gauge Type 304 & 316 stainless steel and include a heavy duty, padlockable 3 point latch and handle.  Mounting panel channels are welded horizontally to the inside walls for locating a panel along the enclosure depth.  Print pockets, grounding provisions, and lifting bolts are included as standard features.