The four-head industrial RFID Ethernet controller IC-KP-B17-AIDA1 is a new, more powerful version. For customers using the popular Ethernet controller IC-KP-B12-V45, it is replaced by the IC-KP-B17-AIDA1. The new RFID Ethernet controller has the same excellent software and programming as previous models, coupled with enhanced features and a faster processor.

The connectors have been updated to a modern RJ45 push/pull style for fast connection and removal. The extremely popular display and keypad are the same as previous models, but new web features allow online diagnostics for easier setup and troubleshooting. Two RJ45 connectors are now included with a built-in Ethernet switch. This allows for linear topologies without the purchase of additional expensive components.

Four-head RFID controller features:

  • Push/pull style AIDA Ethernet and power connectors
  • Two Ethernet ports eliminate need for additional network switches
  • Ethernet data logging for better diagnostics
  • All protocol support; Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP

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