The next generation of PMI inductive position-measurement sensors is now available with NPN outputs to signal rotational angular position. The PMI360DV series , an inductive-based rotational and angular measurement sensor, offers flexible analog- output angular-position detection. The PMI360DV-F130-IU2E0-V15 has two independent NPN outputs, voltage or current signal output, and can be configured from 0 degrees to 90 degrees through 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

Inductive position-measurement sensor features:

  • User-settable configuration
    • Measurement range and direction
    • Two NPN output signals with adjustable width
    • Configurable zero position
    • Dedicated buttons for each configurable function
  • Voltage or Current Output
    • Repeat accuracy 0.25 degrees / resolution 0.2 degrees
  • Power/Status LED
    • Power, lost target, configuration lock
  • Accessories
    • Actuator BT-F130-A
    • Cable V15-G-2M-PUR

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