Pepperl+Fuchs introduces a new member to the HH20 RFID handheld family, IC-HH20-V1. This RFID handheld doesn't actually have an RFID read head in it. It's designed with a standard M12 connector on the front to connect to any of our wide range of IDENT Control ISH-..., IQH-..., IQH1-..., IQH2-..., and IPH-... read heads. These read heads seamlessly switch between the RFID handheld programmer and one of our industrial bus controllers.

IDENT Control RFID read heads make this handheld extremely flexible. The display can be kept in any orientation for easy programmability, and the remote read head can be positioned for maximum tag readability. Some tags are embedded so far into tooling that a standard RFID handheld would have no chance of reading them. A typical application would require a handheld, battery, charger, read head cable, and read head.

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