Did you know Adalet stainless steel enclosures carry IP ratings for ingress protection?  In addition to the standard Type 4X ratings, the TSC4X, TN4X, & VC4X / VH4X series of stainless steel enclosures are rated IP66 to protect against the ingress of solid foreign objects and liquids.  The first digit, '6', denotes solid particle protection level of dust tight.  This means our stainless steel enclosures provide complete protection against the ingress of dust.  The second digit, '6', denotes liquid ingress protection to powerful water jets.  This protection rating states that our stainless steel enclosures protect against the ingress of liquid when projected from water jets against the enclosure from any direction.  IP ratings are defined by the international standard IEC 60529 and are specified and used throughout the world.  

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