ILME has developed two new modular inserts ideal for higher current applications where finger safe contact pins are required.  Designed to work with the MIXO series frames and other contact modules, the flexibility of these connectors provides solutions for an almost limitless number of applicationsThe contact pins in both the male and the female inserts are shrouded to protect against accidental contact.

The small picture at right shows both inserts mounted into the CX-02 frames and the T-Type thermoplastic housings. The CX-3/4- XDF(M) use the CXF(M)A contact pins to provide (3) 40amp connection points, while also offering (4) 10amp contact points for signal using the CCF(M)A contact pins.
The CX-04-XF(M) provides (4) 40amp connection points using the CXF(M)A contact pins.
The high quality machined contact pins provide highly reliable and vibration-safe connections.

Each frame can house different types of modular inserts for power, signals, controls, and pneumatic contacts compressed air.  Frames can be assembled using as few as one insert module or with as many as six modules.

The inserts are arranged side-by-side to form a single compact block which is inserted into the ILME metallic frame. Once the modules have been inserted and locked with the special tabs, the connector can then be inserted into the enclosure.

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