Control panels of modern machines and plants must be able to convey increasingly complex information, even though the available space is limited. The RMQ-16 range of compact control circuit devices does just that.

The various front elements can be mounted flush on all four sides providing a smooth finish with no gaps. Compared with conventional 22mm ranges, the RMQ-16 devices allow more than three times the information density with their 18x18mm or 25x25mm front dimensions. The RMQ-16 is also the most customizable pushbutton of its class, with laser etched lenses and nameplates delivering clear, custom, and permanent information. Most operators have an environmental protection rating of IP65/NEMA13, which ensures safe operation even in harsh environments, making the RMQ-16 suitable for industrial applications.  The RMQ-16 has impressive selections, features, customization capabilities, and ratings to fill needs.

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